Conducted the workshop “Regional cooperation and sustainable development through cultural tourism in the Alpine Region”

We’ll be preparing and conducting the Workshop “Regional cooperation and sustainable development through cultural tourism in the Alpine Region” during the first Routes4U meeting for the Alpine Region (2-3- April, Bard, Aoste valley, Italy). The Routes4U project has been launched in the framework of the joint programme between the Council of Europe (Directorate General of […]

Arkellia Design – NAUTIKA CONCEPT (pre-WEAR-ABOUTS) virtual event – World Sustainable Tourism Day 2017

Everything you can imagine is real! (Pablo Picasso) At Nautika Design we imagine clothes that can build a more colourful future for our children, through the use of locally inspired designs that promote an enjoyable but respectful and sustainable way of travelling. Stay tuned and don’t miss our forthcoming event, where you will have the […]

Entrepreneurial tourism – COSME VOYAGE European project – 5 th partners meeting in Bozburun-Marmaris Turkey and Rhodes Greece

« COS-TFLOWS-2014-3-15 – Facilitating EU transnational tourism flows for seniors and young people in the low and medium seasons »

PrintArkellia participera en tant que partenaire européen à la 5 ème réunion des partenaires du projet européen VOYAGE (Tourisme entrepreneurial), à Bozburun-Marmaris Turquie et Rhodes Grèce du 15 au 22 juin 2016.

Arkellia will take part as a European partner at the 5th meeting of the partners of the European project VOYAGE (entrepreneurial Tourism) in Bozburun-Marmaris Turkey and Rhodes Greece from 15 to 22 June 2016.Lire la suite »

VOYAGE Challenge entrepreneurial trips in tourism have started! – COSME VOYAGE European project

Les voyages entrepreneuriaux VOYAGE Challenge ont commencé! – Projet européen COSME VOYAGE

Après 2 semaines de formation à terre, avec des entrepreneurs du tourisme expérimentés, et après avoir navigué en Croatie et au Monténégro,

VOYAGE Challenge entrepreneurial trips have started! – COSME VOYAGE European project

After 2 weeks of land meetings with experienced tourism entrepreneurs and sailing in Croatia and Montenegro, Lire la suite »

Salon tourisme paris arkellia voyage

Salon du Tourisme – Paris – Entrepreneurial tourism – COSME VOYAGE European project

PrintArkellia participera en tant que partenaire européen au Salon Mondial du Tourisme de Paris 2016, dans le cadre du projet européen VOYAGE (Tourisme entrepreneurial).

Retrouvez-nous sur le stand de la Lithuanie (Lithuanian tourism board), Stand A030.

Arkellia take part as European partner to the World Tourism Fair in Paris in 2016, as part of the European project VOYAGE (entrepreneurial Tourism).Lire la suite »