Illustrious North – Nordisk Kulturfond

Learn more about ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH project, launched in January 2020! ILLUSTRIOUS NORTH is a Lab concept that makes use of children illustrators work to rethink the relation between young people and their environments. It is developed based on concrete needs to foster cross-sector collaboration (bring together the experience from different sectors to identify and analyse […]

Helsinki Children’s Design Week 2019

We are delighted that our workshops designed for schools and children/families, entitled “A secret garden” have been chosen by the Helsinki Children’s Design Week and will be held in September 2019 at the Annantalo house in the heart of Helsinki!This year’s theme is about ‘learning climate’ and the workshops will be held in relation with […]

Conducted the workshop “Regional cooperation and sustainable development through cultural tourism in the Alpine Region”

We’ll be preparing and conducting the Workshop “Regional cooperation and sustainable development through cultural tourism in the Alpine Region” during the first Routes4U meeting for the Alpine Region (2-3- April, Bard, Aoste valley, Italy). The Routes4U project has been launched in the framework of the joint programme between the Council of Europe (Directorate General of […]

Arkellia Design – NAUTIKA CONCEPT (pre-WEAR-ABOUTS) virtual event – World Sustainable Tourism Day 2017

Everything you can imagine is real! (Pablo Picasso) At Nautika Design we imagine clothes that can build a more colourful future for our children, through the use of locally inspired designs that promote an enjoyable but respectful and sustainable way of travelling. Stay tuned and don’t miss our forthcoming event, where you will have the […]